Prayers of the People | December 19

Icall the community into a time of prayer. God we gather together this evening in anticipation of the coming of your Son, the Emmanuel.  The babe who will be named Jesus will save his people from their sins; a prophetic promise of old, we continue to this day to reflect on and recognize well the impact of it.  That you are with us is indeed a blessing beyond all blessings, and that you desire each and every one of us to know you and your love is enough to change the world. LORD IN YOUR MERCY, HEAR OUR PRAYER.

We pray for this community of st. benedicts’ table. Thank you God that we can gather together and worship you.  Thank you for the people who lead as well as the people who follow.  For those beside us in the pews, those who are miles away and for those who will be traveling over the next couple of months may your Spirit indwell and nurture.  May we be reminded that you are with us regardless of our situation, and may we readily listen in an effort to hear the words of your voice. LORD IN YOUR MERCY, HEAR OUR PRAYER.

We pray for our city.  As the cold weather sets in, pressing needs are made apparent.  As members of the community of Winnipeg, may we be ready to fill those gaps and assure that all are cared for during this season and beyond.  We thank you for the diversity that makes where we live all that it is.  We pray that as conflicts arise, that we would remain open to dialogue and strive continually towards a shift in focus from ‘me to we.’ LORD IN YOUR MERCY, HEAR OUR PRAYER.

We pray for the needs of the world, and particularly those places torn by war and violence.  May we be constantly mindful of life beyond our immediate horizon, cautious to never grow stale in our own comforts.  For losses had, sacrifices made, and those who mourn, may the peace longed for by so many, one day be known to all. LORD IN YOUR MERCY, HEAR OUR PRAYER.

We take this time now to pray for the needs of those known to us; for those who are sick or suffering, alone or isolated, or who have other needs and challenges.  I invite you now to pray aloud the names of those known to you. .. For those named aloud, those spoken in the silence of our hearts, and for the ones we have forgotten, LORD IN YOUR MERCY, HEAR OUR PRAYER.

God, may we as your people refuse the evil and choose the good.  May your love be the foundation of our living, and may we seek readily to share it with all.  AMEN.

Written by Brett Schmall, to be offered in worship on the Fourth Sunday in Advent, December 19, 2010.

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