Consuming Youth | A book launch

A book launch connected with SBT

McNally Robinson Booksellers and Zondervan Books present
John Berard launching
Consuming Youth: Leading Teens Through Consumer Culture

Prairie Ink restaurant at McNally Robinson, Grant Park
Tuesday January 25 at 8pm

About the book: Today’s relentless, consumer culture – dominated by popular media’s emphasis on bigger, better, and more, and catering to teenagers’ every want and desire – is leaving many youth adrift in a sea of conflicting messages. These messages need to be decoded with youth and redirected by youth workers, faith communities and others who care for youth from consumption as the primary purpose of youth. Consuming Youth explores the shifts needed to move from the fragmented, isolated and consumer driven story for youth and towards a more compelling story of meaning, purpose and a life lived differently than the one served up by consumer culture.

About John: He has more than twenty-five years of experience in youth work as a practitioner, professor and consultant with churches and organizations on issues of youth ministry, education and leadership development. He holds an MA and works as the National Training Director for YFC Canada and is on staff at saint benedict’s table.

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