Prayers of the People | January 9

L et us pray together now. God our Father, we come before you now, celebrating the day You came into this world and revealed Yourself to creation. We thank you for becoming human and for making Your presence known to a fallen world. WE pray now for Your holy Catholic church in all it’s forms throughout the world. We ask that like the Magi, you would lead the church to You. Prepare and strengthen us to follow You.  We ask for humility as we seek to serve and love those around us living out the desires You have for us.

Singing we cry out to You.

Lord we come before You now in adoration. We fall before You and ask for Your help. We pray that You would rid the world of violence God, and we pray especially for those in Mexico involved in the Drug trade. We pray for the vulnerable in this world God, we ask that You be their protector and give them rest in You.  We also pray for those, who are overwhelmed, by debt or grief or circumstances. We pray that those people would be touched by Your grace and look to You for help.

Singing we cry out to You.

Father God we pray now for this community, the people who make up St. Benedicts table in all forms. We pray for mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters, friends and lovers. We pray for the renewal of relationships and ask that You would place a deep longing in all of us for harmony between each other. We take this time now to pray for those in our community who suffer and for those known to us who suffer, and we say their names aloud…..Lord be with the names mentioned aloud, those thought of in our hearts and those we have  forgotten. Lord give them peace.

Singing we cry out to You.

God we come before you now and remember those who have died, their lives and their passions, their joys and their sorrows. We also pray for those who’s lives are touched by the grief of losing a loved one, especially during the holiday season when the pain of loss is felt deeply. We ask that You be with us in all of our struggles and all our sadness; while we mourn and remember.

Singing we cry out to You.

Lord God, Thank you for love which never fails and we thank you for a love which is incomparable . We ask that all nations will come to Your light and that all will know the brightness of Your dawn.


Written by Kathleen Schellenburg, to be offered in worship on the 3rd Sunday in Christmas, January 9, 2011.

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