Prayers of the People | February 6

C reator God, We pray for your church in the world, in all of its many shapes.  Thank you for the diverse gifts you give to your children to share with others.  As we here in this church community have many needs, so it is with congregations everywhere.  Some long for safety to worship openly together, some long for material resources to meet the needs of their neighbours, and some long for courage to share your love.  Teach us to ask not only for what we need here at St. Benedict’s Table, but also to ask for the needs of our many brothers and sisters in Christ.

Lord, in your mercy…  Hear our prayer

We pray for the world that you love.  Tumultuous politics and natural disasters are turning many lives upside down.  Use your church, in all its forms, to be a voice for the oppressed, the fleeing, and the afraid.  In whatever contexts we find ourselves, remind us that we are not only individuals, but also part of your body on earth.  Show your love for the world you breathed into life through us, we ask.

Lord, in your mercy…  Hear our prayer

We pray for our neighbours here in Winnipeg and wherever else we may live.  You love our neighbours; teach us to love them too.  For those who sit next to us in the pews this evening, and for those we wish were here, we ask your blessing.  Give us what we need: health, safety, food, warmth, and love.  We pray to you especially for those whose specific needs we know, naming them aloud to you now…….

Lord, in your mercy…  Hear our prayer

We pray for those who are mourning a loss.  We ask that you grant eternal rest to the dying and the deceased, and peace to the loved ones they leave behind.  We ask your comfort for those who lose their homes, their jobs, or important relationships.  Meet each of us in our places of sadness and hold us as we weep.  Then, in the fullness of time, bring us back to joy, we ask in Jesus’ name…


Written by Dorothea Toews, to be offered in worship on the Fifth Sunday in Epiphany, February 6, 2011.

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