Prayers of the People | May 1


nless I see the mark of the nails in his hands and put my finger in the mark of the nails and my hand in his side, I will not believe” – the words of a doubting Thomas we have heard tonight. As we come to you in prayer, O God, where there is war, bring peace; where there is sadness, bring joy; where there is complacency, bring purpose; where there is doubt, bring faith; and where there is darkness, bring us to new light. In all facets of our personal, professional and community lives, may the resurrection give life and meaning and the opportunity to start over no matter what the circumstance.

Keep us safe in Jesus and His Resurrection. In Your Mercy, Lord, Hear Our Prayer.

In the world, we continue to pray for countries characterized by war, and for those places feeling the power of Mother Nature in the twisting tornadoes on land this week in Alabama and the swelling of waterways in our city and our U.S. neighbours. Globally, we thank you for the sense of joy, celebration and distraction the Royal Wedding has provided. It has been a reflection of how Spring reshapes our perspective – after the dreary darkness of winter and lent. Tomorrow, as we head to the polls, replace our cynicism with optimism and may doubt be transformed to faith in the economy, hope for social issues and an overall shift in our political landscape. We remember those who have come and gone, whether it be in life or death. Give us guidance as we actively work to sustain the earth entrusted in our care. May we be wise in our transportation options, product selection, and safely preserve our greenspaces…. and may we thoroughly enjoy the sights, sounds, and scents of Spring.

Keep us safe in Jesus and His Resurrection. In Your Mercy, Lord, Hear Our Prayer.

We pray for students discerning their vocations and preparing for their place in society. Replace their fears and doubts with faith and confidence. We remember graduates of Booth University College who convocated this afternoon. Thank you, O God, for this community and the many tables and venues where we engage, particularly the one of benevolence to the ministry of Agape Table. We pray for all members, including the leadership, and for the culmulative collection of creativity among us.

Keep us safe in Jesus and His Resurrection. In Your Mercy, Lord, Hear Our Prayer.

At this time, we are called to remember those among us and around us needing prayer. (Please take a moment to mention aloud or in your heart those in need). O Father, grant your peace to those who have died; comfort to those who mourn. May we take a few moments silence to consider the giving and taking; life’s beginnings and endings; and our comings and goings. Lord, what we have not, give us; what we know not, teach us; what we see not, show us; and what we are not, make us.

Keep us safe in Jesus and His Resurrection. In Your Mercy, Lord, Hear Our Prayer.

As we come to the time in our service where the banquet is set, thank you for feeding us, whether we are hungry or full. May the gifts of this table extend beyond these walls – so as we are given, so we can give. As a new week unfolds and awaits us, we invite your presence in our everyday living – may we see you more clearly, love you more dearly, follow you more nearly, day by day.


Written by Nancy Constantine, and offered in worship on the Second Sunday in Easter, May 1,2011

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