“Steve Bell rings true”


bit of a heads-up on a webpost worth spending a bit of time exploring. Recently saint ben’s guy Steve Bell did a video interview for Roots Music Canada, which they’ve edited into a very nice six minute video. As a bonus, on the same webpage you’ll be able to access the full sixteen minute interview as well as videos of three of Steve’s songs (“Shepherd of Life,” “How Long?” and “Good Friend”).

I think part of what makes this post interesting is that Roots Music Canada has chosen to call the post “Steve Bell rings true,” and to focus a fair bit on the fact that Steve has never shied away from dealing with the stuff of faith. Beginning by calling him “an anomaly,” the post continues as follows:

At a time when some festivals are downplaying the faith component of folk music, (amid suggestions that gospel workshops should become ecumenical), Bell is comfortably Christian. He’s a man of faith who lives what he believes, in his work and in his life, yet without being preachy or pedantic.

Pretty impressive words from a secular music online magazine. To access the post and see the video, simply click here.

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