Day Camp 2011 Report

Recently saint benedict’s table held a day camp.  Here are some thoughts from it as well as pictures from the week.

“As a remarkably persistent sun looked down on a mosquito-less Manitoba, 17 people congregated on a small patch of land covered in forest and riddled with bike trails.  But single-track was hardly the only thing to run throughout that woodland.  There was a sense flowing through the forest that, together with those 17 individuals, we were part of a week-long episode; an episode bubbling with laughter, the most unlikely and wonderful friendships, and an overall sense of the beautifully bizarre and unpredictable happening again and again.  Sherlock Holmes was right: if one could lift the roofs off of the houses of ordinary people and watch their occupants, one would discover tales a thousand times stranger and more marvelous than any work of fiction.  And so, under that dome of ever shifting hue and texture called the prairie sky, in a small corner of the world, in a small corner of the universe, such a tale was told.  Below are parts of that tale in words and in pictures.”

– Davis

“At camp I liked seeing how everyone got to know one another and became friends.  Playing Capture the Flag was a great time because of all the teamwork.  Hiding out in the yard and on all the trails for the big game of Manhunt was exciting for everyone.  The water slide and water fight were fun – people liked getting wet on the hot days.  Everyone had fun learning how to ride trails and bridges during the biking times.” – Tirian

“People felt good about what they accomplished on the bouldering wall and at biking.  The whole camp was awesome.  I think the kids enjoyed being at a camp that felt like a family.  We all loved the Silly Stories.” – Tayah

“Possibly the only thing better than laughing is making other people laugh!  During the week of camp, I had great opportunities to do both.  These came during the daily “Silly Stories” time, right after lunch.  I loved walking out from behind the curtain in a ridiculous costume and having the campers start to laugh before I had even said anything.  After working hard practicing skits, having them go well was rewarding.  My favorite part, however, was watching the campers doing the same thing – having the same incredible opportunity to make people laugh by being part of the skits themselves.  Bringing joy!” – Cale

“We had a fantastic week of camp!  I loved seeing how the campers became a group of friends that created a unique and wonderful week.  They were positive, full of energy, ready to learn new skills and be challenged.  Each day we started with exploring a Bible story.  Together we brought our imaginations to these stories to try to see them, feel them, hear them, smell them.  In doing so we were able to discover how ordinary people can face hard things, say yes to God, and experience that, with God’s help, anything is possible.” – Corinne

Thanks to the community of st. benedict’s table, from the campers and from our family, for all your support and prayers and encouragement in this adventure.  We couldn’t have done it without you!

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  1. Kristina Schumacher says:

    This week of camp was incredible! I loved all the laughter and fun and just being together with a group of awesome people. Every person there was both hilarious and a great friend! I learned a lot about mountain biking and bouldering.
    Pletts – you guys are amazing, I really appreciate your effort and friendship! :)
    Thank you so much for this wonderful week – see you next year!

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