Conflict, what conflict?


s Christians, we often assume that the findings of science are in conflict with the stuff of faith, leaving us to either ignore the sciences or just suspend that way of learning when we walk through the doors of the church. But is there in fact a necessary and deep divide between the two?

On Saturday September 24 from 10am to 4:30pm, a group of people will assemble at St Margaret’s Anglican Church to consider issues related to the relationship between science and faith. Sessions will be led by David Widdicombe (on St. Augustine’s reading of Genesis 1), CMU biology professor John Brubacher (on the importance of evolution in his work, and how this impacts his faith) and Roy Jeal of Booth University College (on St. Paul’s understanding of creation as set out in Romans 8).

The day is open to all, and the only cost is a $10 charge for a catered lunch. If you are interested, you can just come out on that day, as there is no pre-registration.

St Margaret’s Church is located at the corner of Westminster and Ethelbert Street.

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