Prayers of the People | October 2


ord, As we return to You today, may our souls find rest and as we come before You in stillness may we know that You are God.

Lord God we ask that all people desiring to follow You would be truly united. Let us not slander one and other and let us not be proud. Instead may we love without reservation and bless one another as we are able. In doing so Lord, may we Your church grow always nearer to You.

Lord, in Your Mercy, …. Hear our prayer.

Lord, the skies and the heavens declare Your glory and their voices go out into all the earth. Let the earth be moved by these voices. Let hatred cease, and may the strong give way to the weak, may our farm lands flourish, and our war fields be abandoned. We pray that the world may know the peace of the Lord.

We Especially pray for Libya, Syria, Greece and all Countries in the horn of Africa,

Lord, in Your Mercy, …. Hear our prayer.

Lord we pray now for the people who find rest at St Benedicts table. We pray that this place might be a sanctuary for all those who are weary and heavy burdened. Let us come here unashamed and in freedom to worship. We give to You now the needs of this parish family and we especially pray for those who lead and minister here.

God we lay before you now our deepest sufferings. May we truly know that Your will for us is not pain and that Your love for us is strong. Remind us also, that the goodness that comes from suffering, is a goodness not found anywhere else. Walk with us as we struggle Lord.

We name aloud now those known to us who suffer,

Lord, in Your Mercy, …. Hear our prayer.

Lord we pray now for those who have died. Let not our hearts be troubled God and let us not be afraid. Let us mourn fully and deeply, and in Your grace allow us to remember in gladness the beautiful moments shared with those who have gone. Thank you for the gift of life, may our hearts cling to You in times of loss,

Lord, in Your Mercy,  …. Hear our prayer.

Lord God, this week remind us to for Your face in every person. In all our interactions may we be compassionate and true. Let our love be an echo of Your love that you have for all Your people

We ask all these things through Jesus Christ our Lord.


Written by Kate Schellenberg, and offered in Worship on October 2, 2011

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