“Summer Job”

A week or so back, saint ben’s member Jon Lawless asked if he could do some recording in the church. We found a day that worked, and he arrived with his guitar, computer, and microphone, all set to spend a couple of hours on his own in our building. Jon is part of a band (or is it better to identify it a collaborative project, Jon?) called First Rate People, and his recording of a tune called “Summer Job” is just one part of a five-song project. Nice to be able to share this bit of creative work by one of the people at our table.


couple of weeks ago I mustered up the courage to approach Jamie about the possibility of recording some music at saint benedict’s table. I was excited that Jamie was not only so quick to reply and willing to help me out, but was also quite enthusiastic about the recording process. “Summer Job,” one of the songs that I recorded piano for in the sanctuary, actually dates back to about this time last year. Since then it has gone through many different incarnations and is now very much a collaborative effort between me and eight or so others as a part of my band, First Rate People.

You can hear “Summer Job” by simply clicking the arrow below or by checking out EXCLAIM.CA for more info and additional music. Thanks very much to Jamie and everyone at saint benedict’s table for their gracious help in making this little artistic endeavor happen.

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You could get a summer job
But it would have to be summer again cause it’s not
And there are vultures that pick at your thoughts
Because they can’t help feeling bad
K now I know you’re asleep
But you always used to keep an eye locked right on me
And there are different themes we could explore
I don’t wanna say it should be different
I don’t wanna say that
Your eyelids, they hold a lot of hope
Your eyes said “I never wanna go”
But darling, I wrote a dictionary just for you
Just for you
Our debt will always be unpaid
But I bet our love will grow always
And in time, I’ll be cooking up a storm for you, yeah
Seven nights a week

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