“Sunday is not a day for school”


he Winnipeg-based writer Will Braun has recently published a piece in the  Canadian Mennonite called “Sunday is not a day for school,” in which he offers some insights (and raises some important questions…) about how we pass on the story of faith to our children. As he draws his article to a close, Will reflects on how his four year old son responds to the practice of communion at the Anglican church the family sometimes attends. That church just happens to be saint benedict’s table.

Occasionally, our family visits an Anglican church that has a particularly beautiful communion ceremony. My son willingly comes back from the playroom for this part of the service. I like to think that when we go to the front, where he can smell incense, hear the music, see rituals and receive a blessing, his sense of the holy is nurtured in a way that a lesson could never achieve.

How very good to read these words. To see the full article, simply click here.

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