A new book from Chris Holmes

A new book from Chris Holmes

We just received word that The Reverend Doctor Christopher R.J. Holmes (or just plain Chris, as many of us know him…) has recently published a new book, Ethics in the Presence of Christ. Chris served as a deacon at saint benedict’s table from September 2009 through to April 2010, and shortly thereafter packed up the family and moved to New Zealand, to take up the post of Senior Lecturer in Theology in the Department of Theology and Religion, University of Otago. A few words for us from Chris:

Greetings from Dunedin, New Zealand! I trust all is well at saint ben’s and that friends old and new are thriving there. I recall with tremendous affection the six months I spent with you as Deacon. The music, the liturgy, and the fine preaching were seriously refreshing. Anyhow, I have written another book. It is called Ethics in the Presence of Christ (London & New York: T&T Clark). It explores the contemporary ministry of Jesus Christ–what he can be said to be doing–and what difference this makes for ethics. I certainly enjoyed writing it, and would hope that you would be nourished in the faithfulness of Christ by reading it. Blessings and keep in touch.

Yours, Chris Holmes

Of Chris’s book, John Webster of the University of Aberdeen wrote, “This is an elegant and absorbing essay in moral theology, the fruit of sustained reflection on the presence of Jesus Christ as the principle of human life before God.” Joseph Mangina of Wycliffe College observed that while “much of what passes for ‘Christian ethics’ today fails to rise above the level of asking ‘what would Jesus do?’, Chris’s book “constitutes a frontal assault on this way of thinking. Taking John’s gospel as his point of departure, Holmes would instead have us ask ‘who is Jesus and what is he doing?’

We’ve also got a couple of podcasts  of really solid lectures Chris gave as part of our ideaExchange series. His first session with us was The One Who Threw a Spoke into the Wheel: Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s Resistance to Hitler. In what amounted to something of a sequel, we also offer Christianity is basically amoral: Bonhoeffer on ethics.

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