Prayers of the People | December 4

Prayers of the people offered this week at St. Benedict’s Table

Lord, as we wait expectantly for Your son and as our hearts long for what is to come, grant us mercy and hear, the prayers of Your people on this winter’s eve.

Heavenly Father, Your church reaches to the farthest corners of the earth, we ask that With Your mighty hand You would remove the barriers that keep us from one another. May we live as one body always seeking to glorify You. Plant within us the knowledge that we are a people set apart by You and forever bound together in Your name.

Lord in Your mercy… hear our prayers.

Lord, we pray for the needs of this world. For those who hunger and those who are oppressed, those who are trapped and those without hope. Lord, remind us that you will one day bring us into a good land, a land with streams and pools of water, a land with wheat and barley. A land where bread will not be scarce and we will lack nothing. Let us seek this land.

Lord in Your mercy… hear our prayers.

Holy Father, comforter of Your people, speak tenderly to those who suffer. Gently lead those who are weak and gather those who are without hope into the safety and peace of Your arms. Bring us out of our dark night and awaken us to the dawn.

Lord in Your mercy… hear our prayers.

We speak aloud now the names of those known to us who suffer

God, be not far from them.

Lord in Your mercy… hear our prayers.

Heavenly Father, we ask that You would bless the members of St. Benedicts table. May we be a community that loves and worships You well. May we be a church that seeks not only to share the gospel with strangers, but with one another.

Lord in Your mercy… hear our prayers.

We pray now for those who have died. In the season of advent, when the sorrow of death is felt deeply, we ask that You would comfort those who have lost a loved one. Remind us of the ways You were present in their lives and allow us to grieve the gift that person was to us. Comfort Your people O Lord.

Lord in Your mercy… hear our prayers.

Lord we ask that as we prepare our hearts for the coming of Your son that Your glory would be revealed. Plant in us a hope that is not of this world, a hope of a new heaven and a new earth, a hope of a baby boy born to be the prince of peace.


 Written by Kate Schellenberg and offered in worship on December 4, 2011


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