Agape Table benefit update

Agape Table benefit update

Earlier this month saint benedict’s table partnered with the award-winning singer-songwriter Don Amero to present a benefit concert in support of Agape Table. Backed by a great band, Don shared the stage with our own Jaylene Johnson, and together they served us a great evening of very fine music. Don also produced three short videos for the evening, including one that featured interviews with some of the people who are connected to Agape Table. This turned out to be a really good way to give his audience an inside look at why the work of Agape Table matters.

The Ellice Theatre was filled almost to its 230-seat capacity, meaning that after covering the cost of the musicians and factoring in the theatre rental and advertising, just shy of $900 was donated to Agape Table. And thanks to the generosity of several people from saint benedict’s table, we were able to make tickets available to 30 people who otherwise would not have been able to attend. Tickets were distributed to Agape Table volunteers and patrons, as well as to a circle of people who relate to House Blend Ministries.

The evening was also significant in raising the profile of the work of Agape Table. Not only were informational brochures distributed to concert-goers, but several people voiced an interest in getting connected as volunteers. That’s a good thing.

Thanks to Jaylene for making this connection in the first place, and to Don for his commitment to the wider community. Thanks, too, to Kev Wood for giving us permission to use his photographs from the event.


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