Another SBT House Concert

Another SBT House Concert

This past November we presented our first ever saint benedict’s table house concert, featuring music by Jaylene Johnson and Margaret Howison. It was an around success, so we thought it was time to present another one.

Saturday February 4 will find us in the home of Lorne and Sigrid Penner, 799 Waterloo Street (just a bit south of Grant Avenue), for an evening of music with Kerri Woelke and Jon Lawless.

Kerri Woelke is an accomplished musician whose debut CD released through Avante Records took her across Canada numerous times and received two Covenant award nominations,  as well as a Western Canadian Music Award nomination for Outstanding Christian Recording. This recording resulted in Kerri being signed to Signpost Music for her second album, Where We Were, which in turn led to an 8-month tour opening for Steve Bell. Where We Were used accomplished musicians Michael Longoria (percussion – Patty Griffin), Ryan Boldt (“Deep Dark Woods”), Steve Bell, Matt Epp and “Last Ditch On The Left” duo partner Brent Warren. Alongside of these other recordings, she was also a contributor to our Beautiful Mercy project. Currently working as part of the neo-folk duo Last Ditch on the Left, we’re delighted that Kerri will be with us for this event.

Jon Lawless is a regular at saint ben’s. He records and performs as part of First Rate People, though for this one he’ll be working solo and acoustic. For a taste of that side of John’s music, give a listen to his song “It’s Never Not Happening (Pt. 1)”. You can also click here to take a look at a story about some recording Jon did in All Saints this past autumn. In Jon’s own words, “The gift of youth is the wide-eyed innocence that accompanies it.” The desire to explore their vast musical palette is what drives Jon’s “First Rate People” project. Formed almost immediately out of high school in small town Ontario before scattering across the country, it didn’t take long for First Rate People’s world to be embraced by the one we live in today, garnering positive press in The Guardian and The Village Voice.

There is a suggested donation of $15 for the evening, which gets you a couple of sets of great live music, a bit of food and drink, and some very fine company… but we’d like to get a sense of how many people will coming, so do send an RSVP through our contact form.

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