Prayers of the people | January 22

We are in the midst of January winter where we hear our crisp footsteps as we walk, we see our breath, and there is a sense of quiet stillness as the sun penetrates the often- intense cold in the day while the moon lights our way at night.  You, O God, are equated with the power of the elements in this evenings lessons where we are encouraged to let go of our moral supremacy and take on the character of God – we are also invited to follow you in the timeless Fishers of Men story.  Your mercy is from everlasting to everlasting and your power is greater than the sun, the stars and the moon.

Lord of the Loving, Hear Our Prayer.


We welcome you God, however you intersect our lives – in art, in music, in conversation, in silence, in the circle of the sacraments.  We pray for the Sisters of the Church in Burlington who pray for us, Agape Table whom we pledge to support, and for reciprocity that represents balance in the giving and taking, the empty and full, the solitary and the collective.  As we strive for fulfillment and authenticity in life, we know happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed.  Give us that sense of happiness being the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude.  Make us keen to give and take, to hold close and set free, to see visions and dream dreams.

Lord of the Faithful, Hear Our Prayer.


Today, we remember and honor those who are no longer with us.  We affirm their worth, their lives, and their stories.  We remember Sarah Burke, pioneer skier, and Kaitlyn Fraser – both young lives lost in senseless accidents.  For ongoing war, political unrest and ethnic clashes, we pray for Iran, Iraq, Syria and South Sudan.  We also remember the tragedy of the Costa Concordia in Italy, for natural disasters and adverse weather conditions.  We need not look far to appreciate our safe cocoon on our prairie landscape.

Lord of the Bereaved, Hear Our Prayer.


We pray for our leaders – that they will be guided by virtues of honesty, integrity, and transparency as they lead at the national, provincial, and civic levels.  We pray for equitable distribution of resources in our province in some First Nation communities – for basic running water and plumbing.  For those experiencing trauma from last summer’s flood relocation, we pray for suitable housing.  Globally, for those likewise dislocated because of war, we pray that their needs of food, safe water and shelter be met from agency donations that are not diminished by administration fees.  As we look ahead to our planet’s preservation, please give us an ongoing renewal of commitment as stewards of the earth.  Instill in us a consciousness, a sharp awareness, a personal philosophy in our daily use of things like water, choice of products and modes of transportation.  May we never ‘take for granted’ the plethora of resources we enjoy.

Lord of the Nations, Hear Our Prayer.


Our focus moves to those around us and among us needing our love and support.  For those suffering from shattered dreams, broken relationships, loss of employment, separation from loved ones, or experiencing any dis-ease of body, mind or heart, we commit their needs to you.

Please take a moment to name those in need……

We pray for the gift of science in ongoing research and development of cures and prevention of heart disease, cancers, and juvenile and geriatric infirmities.  May we seek balance in our lives in adopting healthy lifestyles but may we never lose sight of you – the ultimate healer and finisher of our destinies here on earth.

Lord of the Brokenhearted, Hear Our Prayer.

Lord of the Suffering, Hear Our Prayer.


It is by your grace that we surround your endless, inclusive, table this evening, O Lord.  Again and again, we are invited to give and receive your peace, to share bread and wine at no cost, to reflect on the privilege and freedom we have in worship.  God of this New Year, we are walking into mystery.  We face the future not knowing what the days and months will bring to us or how we will respond.  Instill vision, empower action, raise hope and BE LOVE IN US as we journey into 2012.

Lord of the Compassionate, Hear Our Prayer.


Written by Nancy Constantine and offered in Worship on January 22, 2012

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