Prayers of the people | February 19

Gentle Creator,


We come to you with great joy and offer you our thanks. Thank you that you welcome each of us to be part of this gathered community, and to be part of your bigger family. As you welcome us into your love, so we seek to welcome you and welcome each other. We ask you to provide for the needs of your church in all its many forms, giving spiritual and material gifts where they are needed. We embrace your creating spirit, knowing that you may at any time surprise us by doing a new thing.


Lord in your mercy… hear our prayer.



Loving Parent,


We thank you for letting us live in this beautiful world with all your other creatures. We lament that fact that we as human beings can be so arrogant and so quick to hurt each other. Touch the earth with healing, we ask. Bless the choices we make as we seek to be stewards of all that you have entrusted to our care. Teach us to love not only those who love us, but also those whom we do not know. Help the many leaders who make decisions every day in various parts of the world, to make wise and compassionate choices, and to think beyond today.


Lord in your mercy… hear our prayer.



Friend of the weak and the sick,


We come to you acknowledging our frailty. We have many needs, as do the people we love. Trusting in your goodness, we declare these needs to you aloud: ______________.


Lord in your mercy… hear our prayer.



Great Comforter,


Thank you for the lives of the many who have gone before us. We think of those we personally have lost, and we thank you for all that they meant to us in life. We entrust them to your tender care, asking that you comfort and hold us when we ache with the absence of those we have loved. For those who are nearing death, we ask your peace and grace as they go to rest. Be present with those being left behind to carry out their full and joyful lives, we ask.


Lord in your mercy… hear our prayer.



Written by Dorothea Toews and offered in Worship on February 19.

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