An Update on Louis Riel Day

2012 marked the fourth year that House Blend Ministries has partnered with Agape Table to host a day long event filled with fun, food, games, conversation, and live music on Riel Day. It also marked the fourth year that saint benedict’s table sent a team of volunteers to help out with the event – including a group of musicians whom one guests remarked, “had some serious pipes!”

Although numbers only tell a small part of the story, over 500 guests and 60 volunteers from 7 different churches joined together to share food, fun, music, conversation, and a few highly competitive games of Scrabble together. A HUGE thank you to everyone who prayed, volunteered, or has made a financial donation to help make this event possible.

It is also a privilege to pass along thanks from Agape Table and the guests who came out that day. I have received an overwhelming number of thanks you’s and kind comments in the last couple of days.

One of the key things we hope that people come away with after their experience at Agape Table is the simple fact that every person is unique and has something to offer. From a distance we often try to generalize and talk about “those people” but that kind of thinking is impossible when you’re sitting together at a table sharing a meal.

If you volunteered this year, I think you know what I mean. And if you didn’t volunteer this year, then there’s always next year!

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