In the Image of the Great Giver

In the Image of the Great Giver

In the Image of the Great Giver: a conversation about finances and givings.

Few things get people so anxious as being challenged to talk openly about money, and that is even more the case when these conversations arise in the context of the church. We’ve got these terrible images in our minds of the television evangelists asking for more money, all the while promising all manner of rewards, pay-offs, and “blessings” in return for our donations. We now seem programmed to get our backs up as soon as anyone in the church mentions anything to do with money. And to be honest, even as we selected this post’s feature image with its coins and dollar bills, there was this moment of hesitation… is that crass?

Funny thing, though, is that Jesus wasn’t particularly shy about addressing the topic. And of course, most of the writers of both the Old and New Testaments just took it as a matter of course that what people did with their money was fundamentally connected to faith.

On Monday April 23 at 7:00pm we’re offering an opportunity to think about those connections. In collaboration with House Blend Ministries, we’re presenting an evening called “In the Image of the Great Giver,” hosted by Pierre Plourde and Krista Waring. Starting with a belief that God calls us to be faithful in all aspects of our lives, we’ll be invited to think about how we might be faithful and honour God with our finances.

The evening’s conversation will take place in the chapel at All Saint… and yes, there will be coffee and a bit of dessert.

You can listen to Pierre’s 2011 Lenten address, “Turning Mammon into Manna,” by clicking here.

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