Prayers of the People | April 8

Almighty God, Reveal to us the hope of Your glory and the hope of life after death. We give thanks, for You are a God who reigns in power and mercy of a kingdom that has no end.

Lord, who governs all days, lead also the people You have called Your own. Remind us that Your word is written in our hearts and it is truth You desire in our inmost places. Call to us when we have strayed and welcome us into Your arms when we return to You in repentance.

Lord in Your mercy                                    Hear our prayer

Heavenly father, we pray for our world. We ask for peace amongst families, and peace between nations. We ask for food for all to eat and houses for all to sleep. And we ask for hope that you would come to save the poor. Inspire our hearts to pursue a world where those in need will want no more.

Lord in Your mercy                                     Hear our prayer

We pray for those who grieve and those who are unhappy; for the burdens of our hearts and the weight of sorrow upon us. Comfort those who suffer, in their dark night grant them glimpses of the dawn.

Lord in Your mercy                                    Hear our prayer

Lord I pray for the community of this church, St Benedicts table. I pray for the strengthening of relationships and for the courage to seek out others in friendship. As we have been loved, may we also love those in our midst

Lord in Your mercy                                    Hear our prayer

We pray for those who have died. Be our comforter Lord, in our regrets and our words left unspoken, in our thoughts of lives that might have been. You have swallowed death in victory Lord, but still we feel it’s loss. We ask for the hope when we shall all be changed and the perishable shall be clothed in the imperishable.

Lord in Your Mercy                                    Hear our prayer

May our souls be at rest once more and may the power of the Lord fill us. Let us rejoice in our salvation for he has done great things for us, He has delivered our souls from death , Lord may we trust in Your redemption and mercy.

We ask all these things through Jesus Christ our Lord.   Amen

Written by Kate Schellenberg and offered in worship on April 8

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