Prayers of the People | May 6

We come to you in prayer this evening, O God – in the midst of this Easter Season, where we are reminded of resurrection, of renewal, of reawakening of the earth.  The lessons focus on God’s love and how we love him because He first loved us.  May we not just give lip service to this fundamental aspect of being Christian but manifest that love in countless ways – in reaching out to the homebound, the homeless or even the most affluent whose lives are mired in emptiness.  May our connectedness with the true vine continue to result in discipline, outreach and stewardship in our personal, professional and community lives.

Keep us safe in Jesus and His Resurrection.  In Your Mercy, Lord, Hear Our Prayer.

In our world, we offer lament for regions characterized by political unrest resulting in violence, particularly in Egypt and Russia.  We pray for all countries being reshaped by the economy and regions experiencing disasters and shifts related to climate change.  Locally, we continue to pray for an end to random acts of violence, domestic abuse and ongoing peer disrespect and disregard resulting in bullying.  We grieve over the escalating suicide rate and pray for those known to us and in our circles whose lives are marked with the stigma and daily struggles related to mental illness.  God’s love in the world is meant to extol life, not extinquish it; to commend life, not condemn it; and to protect life, not punish it.

Keep us safe in Jesus and His Resurrection.  In Your Mercy, Lord, Hear Our Prayer.

We pray for students discerning their vocations and preparing for their place in society.  Replace their fears and doubts with faith and confidence.  We remember graduates of Booth University Colllege who convocated this afternoon.  Thank you God,  for this community and the many tables and venues where we engage, particularly the one of benevolence to the ministry of Agape Table.  We pray for all members, including the leadership, and for the cumulative collection of creativity among us.  We remember those in our community with shifting familial responsibilities – new babies, children leaving or returning to the nest, or parents needing assistance in the aging process – while maintaining personal and professional commitments.  We remember those who have come and gone, whether it be in life or death.  Give us guidance as we actively work to sustain the earth entrusted in our care.  May we be wise in our transportation options, product selection, and safely preserve our greenspaces…..and may we thoroughly enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of Spring.

Keep us safe in Jesus and His Resurrection.  In Your Mercy, Lord, Hear Our Prayer.

At this time, we are called to remember those among us and around us needing prayer.

Please take a moment to mention aloud or in your heart those in need. 

O Father, grant your peace to those who have died; comfort to those who mourn.

May we take a few moments silence to consider the giving and taking; life’s beginnings and endings; and our comings and goings.  Lord, what we have not, give us; what we know not, teach us; what we see not, show us; and what we are not, make us.

Keep us safe in Jesus and His Resurrection.  In Your Mercy, Lord, Hear Our Prayer.

As we come to the time in our service where the banquet is set, thank you for feeding us, whether we are hungry or full, where we need not ask but you give.  Again and again, you fill us with your body and blood and we are better for having met in this place.  May the gifts of this table extend beyond these walls – so as we are given, so we give.  As a new week unfolds and awaits us, we invite your presence in our everyday living – may we see you more clearly, love you more dearly and follow you more nearly, DAY BY DAY, AMEN

Written by Nancy Constantine and offered in Worship on May 6

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