Davis Plett’s new book

Davis Plett’s new book

Davis Plett and The Goblin’s Cinema present For the Time-Being

We’re delighted to announce that at the grand old age of 18, Davis Plett has produced his first book. A collection of writings and including full colour images and a CD, the book is a very attractive hard-bound volume complete with a striking dust jacket. We’ll have copies available at the church for purchase, so if you’re interested drop by the book table and take a look. And read on for Davis’s introduction to his work…

*     *     *     *     *

Once upon a time, in a very cold corner of the world, there lived a young man who had the good fortune to meet three lovely women.  Their names were Story, Song, and Art.  He married all three.

This is a chronicle of their relationship with the young man whom they have delighted, confused, and perhaps most importantly, helped guide through the barbed wire maze of youth.  It is a metaphoric movie about being young, about being old, about poets, about solitude, about society, about wonder and love, about silliness and sorrow, and about some other things too.

Welcome to the cinema.  We hope you enjoy the show.

Only half-jokingly, I have been referring to this project as myself and the Muse’s “first child.”  The preparation for her arrival has been enormous, but she safely arrived in the mail just last week and we couldn’t be happier!  She is 206 pages long, with over 70 full-color pages of original visual art, a 12 song solo acoustic guitar CD (mostly original compositions), and a variety of short stories, essays, and poems.  Copies of my child (I mean, the book) are $50. If you would like to order a copy of For the Time-Being or have any further questions about the project, please feel free to contact saint ben’s and they’ll forward the message along.

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  1. Signpoststeve says:

    I’ve only had the occasion (so far) to listen to the accompanying CD as I’m driving around town. It really is very good. And knowing what it takes to come up with a dozen guitar instrumentals, I am quite astonished at the scope of this project. Well done Davis. I’m looking forward to the read and to spending time with the art.


  2. Davisplett says:

    Thanks for doing the intro for this Jamie. Looks great! I’m so excited (and nervous and apprehensive and did I mention excited?) to have st. ben’s be part of this project.

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