Modesty or shame? | a conversation

Modesty or shame? | a conversation

For our Monday July 16 round of Theology by the Glass, we’re going to be having some conversation launched by an article called “How ‘Modest is Hottest’ is hurting Christian women” by Sharon Hodde Miller. If you aren’t familiar with the phrase, “Modest is Hottest,” it is basically the latest trendy catch-phrase promoting sexual purity as an evangelical virtue. Miller is herself an evangelical, but worries that the phrase (and accompanying t-shirts and other merchandise…) is actually a step backward for women. We’re thinking this should make for a very engaging conversation…

Dorothea Toews sent us a message, suggesting that people might also want to take a look at an article called “Modesty, lust, and emotional rape,” which adds another perspective to a conversation about women, objectification, and the way we understand our bodies.

These evenings are always open to anyone interested in taking part. We meet at 7:30 at The Red Cactus, 691 Corydon Avenue. Come through the front section, up a few stairs and into the back area where you’ll find us gathered around a big table.

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