News | the week of July 8

First off, a reminder that over the next few weeks we will be gathering information from our community regarding the formation of some small groups for the fall. There has been a definite desire expressed for groups that meet regularly, as well as for the opportunity for deeper study of the faith and discipleship. There will be survey forms available at the church over the coming weeks, but you can also request one and return it via e-mail.

The readings for Sunday July 15 are Ephesians 1:3-14 and Mark 6:14-29.

Thinking about food, life and politics – Monday, July 9, 7 PM at the Free Press News Café, 237 McDermott (corner of McDermott and Arthur). In May, Winnipeg Free Press reporter Bartley Kives traveled with Jim Cornelius and Emily Cain of Canadian Foodgrains Bank (both of whom happen to be members of saint benedict’s table) as they crisscrossed southern Niger, a central African nation that ranks as one of the most environmentally devastated places on Earth. Nigeriens are dealing with rapid population growth, food-security issues, climate change, regional instability and an overall shortage of resources that may be difficult for Canadians to conceive. Bartley will share images and observations from his time in Niger—and will try to figure out what lessons the rest of the world can take from what the nation is experiencing.

Theology by the Glass – our next session is set for Monday July 16, 7:30pm at “The Red Cactus,” 691 Corydon Avenue. This session’s article is called “How ‘Modest Is Hottest’ Is Hurting Christian Women,” and basically this conversation will take us into a whole cluster of issues around sexuality, modesty, and shame… and the ways in which both culture and church can get us into trouble. You can access the article here.

A saint benedict’s table jazz night, with Rob and Adelle Burton, Andrew Colman, and Larry Campbell – Saturday July the 21, 7:30-10:30 at The Loft, 774 Corydon Avenue.

A reminder about our practice of gathering food each week for Agape Table. I realize it is easy to fall out of the habit of bringing something to add to those baskets, but their work goes on right through these warm summer days. Fresh fruit is always good, as is anything that can be added to the soup!

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