Photos from Day Camp

Photos from Day Camp

Over the next week we will be posting photos and testimonies from Day Camp. The experiences at Day Camp are valuable, and we are glad to share them with the st. ben’s community.  

– Kyla Neufeld, Managing Editor

Part of what drew us to the st. ben’s community was the diversity of those gathered there to worship, and it is that value of diversity that infuses the life of the st. ben’s day camp. It draws kids together who would never have connected otherwise. The campers are from a variety of backgrounds and cultures, and from different communities in the city and in rural Manitoba. They range in age from 8 – 15 years old! Now, many would say that you simply can’t bring kids from such a broad age range together and have it work. But, the camp beautifully proves this wrong. It is incredibly rich for kids to have an experience of something community based as opposed to peer based, something that feels like spending the week with a big family, something quite personal and reflective of what real communities are. The kids mix and look out for the younger ones among them and become their own unique community – full of life and play and joy.

Seven of the campers came through camperships donated by individuals in the st. ben’s community. These camperships went to newcomers to Canada, kids that are part of a transitional school in Winnipeg’s core. Thanks to those who gave of their resources to make it possible for newcomers to Canada to receive the gift of this week.



Thanks to the community of saint benedict’s table, from the campers and from our family, for all your support and prayers and encouragement in this adventure. We couldn’t have done it without you!

The Plett Family

To see more photographs from the camp, simply click here.

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