Prayers of the People | August 5

O God, as we are midway through summer, thank you for this time of year when we feel the warmth of the sun, see the beauty of creation in our landscapes, and enjoy the tastes of fresh fruits and vegetables from the earth.  We are reminded of the resourcefulness of the Bread of Life from John’s gospel reading that not only nourishes us perpetually, but lasts forever.  This bread does not mold, doesn’t lose its’ flavour, but sustains relationships and bolsters hope.  During this less rigidly-scheduled season, give us peaceful vistas to rest our bodies, opportunities to see and experience new places and people, and a reprieve from routine.  Take us to the hammock, the lake or the wilderness – wherever we find balance, beauty and bliss.

In Your Mercy, Lord, Hear Our Prayer.

We are delighted in Canada’s success at the London Olympics and celebrate the dedication, commitment and values that drive the athletes.   In the midst of political unrest in the world, thank you that these games represent people and flags from across the globe in the spirit of competition, patriotism, and personal narratives.  For Syria, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and other regimes in battle, we pray for peace.  We remember victims of random and intentional acts of violence, victims of powerful seasonal weather patterns, and the endless paths of destruction caused by those who choose to drink and drive or text and drive.  As a long weekend can offer many diverse activities, we pray for those whose daily regime is one of survival, with no fun options for a long weekend.  We thank you for the tireless efforts of agencies whose doors never close and whose hearts remain open, neutral and accepting of the plight of the homeless, the mentally ill, the marginalized.

In Your Mercy, Lord, Hear Our Prayer.

At this time, we remember those among us and known to us needing prayers – those experiencing loss, illness, or what seems like unsurmountable obstacles. Please take this moment to name those in need (aloud or in your hearts). Again, we are reminded of the Bread of Life in times of need – that serves as sustenance for the sick and sequestered; a banquet for the bereaved and bottomed-out; and a feast for the forlorn and forsaken.  Thank you for this community of St. Benedict’s Table – for the triune foundation of our faith that is the basis for the ministries we support.  We thank you for the work next door at Agape Table along with the challenges across the globe in Haiti.  For all the tables where we meet, are fed and affirmed, we thank you for the reciprocal empowerment this gives us – to be what you want us to be – in our vocations, our communities and ambassadors of our faith.

In Your Mercy, Lord, Hear Our Prayer.

We thank you for the safe cocoon of this prairie city where we remained unharmed during recent storms, for the plethora of festivities within and beyond the perimeter, and our picnic baskets which are overflowing with savory summer delights.  As we move from contemplation to community, thank you for the communion of your Body and Blood – for its’ endless capacity to fill and fulfull us, for its’ inclusive circle of benevolence to move us to do more than we could ask or imagine.  For we are One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism, One God, One Father of all,  AMEN

Written by Nancy Constantine and offered in worship on August 5, 2012

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