Prayers of the People | October 10

We join together in prayer on this Sunday of Harvest Thanksgiving, praising God with thankfulness for the many gifts we have received and offering the response: we thank you, O Lord.

We thank you, Almighty God, for the gift of the harvest and we praise you for the beauty of your creation, made evident in the changing of the seasons. As we give thanks for the harvest of the field we thank you and pray for harvest of human kind as witnessed through your Holy Church. We pray for your church. May the harvest in the church be fruitful and may we ever work together to your glory. For your church: we thank you, O Lord.

We pray for the Anglican Church in Canada and around the world; and praying for all in leadership roles. At this time we pray especially for the Crown Nominations Committee, as they work to appoint an Archbishop of Canterbury. May they remain steadfast in faith and seek to prepare the way of your Kingdom through the honest search for sound leadership. For the leaders of the Church: we thank you, O Lord.

This world came into being through your loving care and we are now called to care for your creation. We often, however, fail in this calling and the effects of our neglect of the earth are clearl. We have been blessed by the rich harvest this earth can provide. We pray that we may be better stewards of the world, so that we may use the bounty of this earth to the benefit of all. For your creation: we thank you, O Lord.

The harvest is not just a harvest of crops, but also as people. As wheat is gathered and bound so too are we bound together in unity through your Spirit. We pray that a spirit of harvest and of thanksgiving may be with us in our relationships. For our relationships: we thank you, O Lord.

We give you thanks for the bountiful harvest we have seen in Manitoba this year and we pray for farmers in other parts of the world who did not have a productive season. We pray for all whose livelihood is bound to the soil. We pray for the farmers and all who work the land, asking for safety and prosperity. For those whose labour feeds us: we thank you, O Lord.

We turn our thoughts now to all in this world, this city and this community who are in need. As the seasons change and we feel the cold of the coming winter we give you thanks for warmth and protection and we pray for all who do not have adequate housing or warm clothing. We pray for your protection for all who live on the streets and all who have to choose between heating and food in the winter months. We pray also that you may open us to a spirit of caring and hospitality. For teaching us to love and care for one another: we thank you, O Lord.

Harvest is a reminder of the cycles through which the earth goes and through which we go as people. Help us to break unhealthy cycles of addiction, abuse and poverty and grow in cycles of wholeness and love. For your strength: we thank you, O Lord.

We pray for the needs of this community. We thank you that st. benedict’s table is a safe and welcome place for so many people. We pray for the many ministries and ministers here. For this community: we thank you, O Lord.

We pray for those whose needs are known to us, naming them silently or aloud. We pray for ourselves, as we struggle to care for your creation, to act as your disciples and to be the people we are truly meant to be. For your healing: we thank you, O Lord.

We thank you, O Lord, for this opportunity to meet you in prayer and in the breaking of the bread. May the feast we share here tonight and at our homes this weekend be full of joy and be to your glory. For this Sunday of Harvest Thanksgiving: we thank you, O Lord.


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