Prayers of the People | September 30

We plough the fields and scatter the good seed on the land.  But it is fed and watered by God’s almighty hand.   O Father, we come to you this evening in prayer with thanks for the beautiful fall season, for the bounty of resources we enjoy and for this community that instills, inspires, and empowers us to be your ambassadors in the world.  In the lessons, we heard the benefits of holding each other up in prayer, no matter what the need.  We are also asked to examine our value systems and separate or cut off what holds us from doing good. 

In this season of Thanksgiving and in your mercy, Lord, Hear Our Prayer.

In the spirit of prayer, we are blessed with a plethora of methods to pray – that invite us to greater wholeness, balance and health.  Meditation, mindfulness, taize in music, labyrinth in movement, centering prayer, and prayerful creativity in artistic expression.  Thank you for the powerful effectiveness these tools provide – as we reflect, remember, and restore.   During this season of harvest, our senses are filled – the colors of our changing landscapes, the musty smells of turning the garden remnants, the cheerful sounds of children leaving and returning from school and the geese heading south.  We are also aware of the intrinsic sense of nesting as the days shorten, the temperature drops and the earth goes to sleep.

In this season of Thanksgiving and in your mercy, Lord, Hear Our Prayer.

Looking outside these walls, we remember our benevolence to the Haiti project as well as our own Agape Table.  We pray for those who struggle daily for basic needs  – for all the fundraising and consciousness raising to meet this end.  We thank you for the profound example of the bus driver offering his shoes in his humble attempt to achieve equity.  May we take on the challenge he has proposed, to examine our personal wealth, and share food, clothing and our attention.  We continue to pray for victims of senseless acts of violence, seasonal weather patterns, and mindless choices to drink or text and drive.  In a city gripped by the destructive politics of gangs, we ask for alternative lifestyles for those who are attracted to this way of life.  Globally, we uphold people in war torn regions whose realities are tainted by anquish, loss and uncertainty.  We pray for Iran, Iraq, Syria, Spain and Greece.  At this time, we remember those in our circles needing prayer, with any dis-ease of body, mind or spirit, let us take these few moments to name aloud or in our hearts……

In this season of thanksgiving and in your mercy, Lord, Hear Our Prayer.

As our schedules are fully reengaged after summer reprieve, help us to stay connected with this community of saintbenedictstable – sharing bread, faith and our lives.  We are all at different stages of our lives – families and vocations – with those respective challenges.  We all have hopes and dreams, fears and grief, joy and expectations that are better shared in community than bound by isolation.  For all the tables were we meet, in learning and education; in coping and sharing; in art and creativity, and in this venue where we are fed the body and blood of  Christ, we are so blessed with your endless capacity to fill and fulfil us.  
We thank thee then our Father, for all things bright and good, the seed time and the harvest, our life, our health, our food.  Accept the gifts we offer, for all thy love imparts.  And what thou most desirest , our humble thankful hearts. AMEN
 Written by Nancy Constantine and offered in worship on September 30, 2012

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