God’s Mind in That Music

God’s Mind in That Music

Anote from Jamie Howison: I wanted to let the saint ben’s community know that my book on the theological significance of the jazz musician John Coltrane has now been published. Titled God’s Mind in that Music: theological explorations through the music of John Coltrane, this project was the focus of my two month study leave back in 2011, though as I’ve discovered books of this kind take quite a while to bring to completion!

The book is currently available directly from Cascade, and has now just arrived on Amazon.ca. There is a Kindle version available through Amazon.com, but to date the Canadian version of Amazon does not support Kindle formats. It will take another month or so before the book is readily available in the stores, by which time we’ll be deep into the busy-ness of the pre-Chrismas season, so I’m holding off on an official book release event until January. I’ll circulate details on the release event as soon as I’ve got them confirmed.

In the meantime, do feel free to explore the book website to get a sense of what this book is all about. The site includes audio excerpts from some of the interviews I conducted during the course of my research; with the philosopher Calvin Seerveld, the saxophonist Jimmy Greene, and a conversation at the National Jazz Museum in Harlem with the Artistic Director Loren Schoenberg and the Artistic Advisor (and premier jazz musician…) Christian McBride.

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    Fantastic…put me down for 1!!

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