ideaExchange | December 4

ideaExchange | December 4

For our December 4 session of ideaExchange series, author Kurt Armstrong will lead us in a session based in his book,  Why Love Will Always Be a Poor Investment. “Genuine love,” Kurt writes, “is in direct competition with the ubiquitous, seductive myths of consumer culture. Consumerism tells us that life is fundamentally competitive and that love is just another commodity, where choosing a relationship is no different from choosing deodorant or blue jeans or a car. Covenantal love is a stand against capitalist-driven consumer culture, nurturing what is essential to our humanness… so lets talk about it!”

The session starts at 7:30pm, and is held at The Folk Exchange, a multi-use performance space located in the Exchange district at 211 Bannatyne Avenue at Albert Street.

Kurt Armstrong is staff member at St. Margaret’s Anglican Church in Winnipeg and an editor at Geez magazine.

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