From Jaylene Johnson

From Jaylene Johnson

A message (and some seasonal music for the coming 12 days of Christmas) from Jaylene Johnson, the ministry coordinator for saint benedict’s table

Some who know me, know I say “Bah-humbug” when it comes to sites that steal music from artists for free downloads. (Well, I don’t actually say it!) I do, however, want to say that I am not entirely a ‘scrooge’ when it comes to sharing music gratis from time to time.

So…For the next week, “It Won’t Be Christmas ’til You’re Home” will be available for free download at! . There is also a ‘radio’ stream at the site, so please check out some of Manitoba’s finest and their holiday offerings. If you would like to support me by downloading the song for .99, please visit my iTunes store or my own website store.

’tis true, what you’ve heard…I’m on something of a vocal hiatus. I had surgery on my nasal passages a couple of months ago, and my voice has not come back to full strength. I’m hoarse after very short bouts of singing or speaking, and my vocal register, tone and power have been altered. I have gigs booked in Feb/March – I’m going to hang on for a bit yet before making any radical decisions. I admit, I’m scared. This isn’t just an issue of vocation (my work to date is based on use of my voice) but one of identity. I’m fighting grief about it on a daily basis. I don’t know how to not be a singer and communicator, as it’s been ‘me’ since I was born. I remind myself, however, that there are great griefs that others bear that I could not. So I bear this with hope (and prayers) that in a matter of time I will be ‘myself’ again. I’m also on a waiting list to go to the vocal doctor (it’s a long list, so please pray that it moves quickly – or better yet, heals before I get the appointment)

The holiday single is the last vocal recording I did prior to surgery – please enjoy it. I’ve had a lot of encouragement from family, friends and fans, and I appreciate it so much. Thank you!

A couple of radio stations have also picked it up, including Galaxie (my friend heard it at a department store in Alberta recently) I know the song doesn’t speak to the “reason for the season,” but it does express what many people feel who are apart from loved ones over the season. Allow me to share a small bit of a note I received:

“I want you to know that I sent your Christmas song to my friend. Her fiance is a soldier and last Christmas they were waiting for him to come home for Christmas because they couldn’t see celebrating without him. Anyway, she listened to the song and she said that is exactly what it was like for her last Christmas. My friend is a strong woman of faith and Christmas was in her but she just couldn’t feel the true spirit of it until her soldier came home to the family. So, thank you for writing music that speaks to so many different people on so many different levels. I trust that you will sing again.” CJ

Trust, hope, believe.

However you may celebrate the holidays, may lasting peace be yours, and may 2013 bring a deeper knowledge of Divine purpose, and profound, lasting joy.

Merry Christmas from a Christmas-celebrator.


Jaylene Johnson

PS-Maybe my voice will be in my stocking Christmas morning…Wrapped up with a nice bow and complete with an extra octave in my range! :-P

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