News | for the first week in Advent

This is a time of the year when Sunday attendance tends to really increase, making parking a bit more of a challenge than is usual. Just a reminder that we are free to use the parking lot across Broadway at Great West Life. Any spaces not designated as “reserved 24 hours” are fair game.

As of Sunday night, we have now sold out all 300 copies of our book of daily readings for the Advent season. We will be posting other material for the Advent season on the website, which is a good way to keep intentionally observing this season, and we still have copies of both Steve Bell’s Keening for the Dawn and Rob Burton’s Left Handed Christmas CDs available on our book table.

The readings for Sunday December 9, the second Sunday in Advent, are Isaiah 11:1-10 and Luke 3:1-6.

ideaExchange – December 4, 7:30pm – Kurt Armstrong – ”Why Love Will Always Be A Poor Investment.” Kurt is a staff member at St. Margaret’s Anglican Church in Winnipeg, an editor at Geez magazine, and the author of the book, Why Love Will Always Be a Poor Investment. The ideaExchange series takes place at The Folk Exchange, a multi-use performance space located in the Exchange district at 211 Bannatyne Avenue at Albert Street.

Support group for care-givers – Helen and Paul Holbrook are hosting one of our saint ben’s small groups, this one tailored for people who work in the various “helping professions”: social workers, spiritual care providers, people in the health care or youth care worlds, and so forth. They’ve set December 14 at 7:30pm as their next date, so if this interests you please contact us for more details.

Hear the Silence – Our Hear the Silence liturgy for the Advent season is set for Saturday December 15, 7pm at the church. This is an idea way to slow down the pace of a very busy month, and to simply “be” for an hour.

The holidays can be a hard time… and so on Tuesday December 18, 7 – 8:30pm in the All Saints chapel we’ll be having a liturgy to acknowledge those who have to deal with a bit of the “Christmas Blues.” Some music, readings, and prayer, followed by the sharing of food and drink together. Everyone is welcome.

Supporting our local neighbourhood – Over the Advent season we will again be gathering gloves and warm socks for the folks who attend Agape Table. We’re also encouraging people to consider purchasing grocery store gift cards (any denomination, from Safeway, Superstore, or Sobey’s) to pass along to The Broadway Neighbourhood Centre, to help them purchase supplies for a breakfast program for local children. You can drop the cards into one of the offering baskets on the back table. And if you wanted to bring mitts or toques for kids, we’ll pass those along to Manitoba House in the North End.


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