Prayers of the People | December 9

O Sacred Lord of ancient Israel,
 who showed yourself to Moses in the burning bush, and who spoke to Isaiah the wisdom of redemption.
 In the bleakness of our time, hold before us the audacity of our hope in Root of Jesse, and call us to a place of courageous imagination in our daily expression of that faith. Come, come, Lord Jesus, stretch out your mighty hand to bring your people to their final freedom.

O Flower of Jesse’s stem, send your Holy Spirit upon our preparations for Christmas. Grant to us a spirit of humility, a desire for modesty, and a satisfaction in the knowledge that we have “enough.” Keep us from yearning for more, to desire instead to stand this Christmas in solidarity with those who have little or nothing, as we decide together to celebrate with less.

Lord, in your mercy …

O Key of David, O Royal Power of Israel, controlling at your will the gate of heaven:
 Come, break down the prison walls of death 
for those who dwell in darkness and the shadow of death.

We pray that in this time of endemic doubt and departure from belief, that the Holy Spirit will move over the face of the earth, reigniting flames of faith that are dying or have gone out, and once again anointing and equipping all your people with a renewed passion to preach and to DO the gospel, to feed the poor, to heal the sick, to bring freedom to those who are captive, to raise up those who are dead to themselves.

Lord, in your mercy …

O Radiant Dawn,
 Splendor of eternal light,
 Sun of justice:
 Come, shine on those who dwell in darkness 
and in the shadow of death, may those of us here in this community who are whole, helped and healed use the weeks of this advent season to reach out and lift up the people in our neighborhood, which now is the whole world. Awaken us from our slumber in the folds of luxury and plenty, and prick the numbness of hearts to action.

O Emmanuel, move us to authentic, radical, and drastic belief, a belief that willingly moves into the wilderness of our streets; a belief that is willing to go underground where those who have been abused, and who cannot help but continue to damage themselves huddle in the safety of cluster from the cold of weather and from the frigidity of weariness and despair.

Lord, in your mercy…

O Prince of Peace, until your kingdom comes to fullness in the new creation you have promised, we pray for our troubled world; a world in which nations rise up against nations, factions against factions, and the rich compromise and exploit the poor. Help us, Father, to envision the world of peace you have promised, and call us to a place of courageous imagination of how we as a people can bring peace and hope to a world that trembles on the brink of international war and global economic disaster.

We hold up to you the leaders of the Anglican communion of Canada. We pray for the Primate and for the bishops of the dioceses throughout the country, and especially for our local shepherd, Jamie, through whose pastoral care the glory and love of God and is so gently and profoundly expressed. With an unflinching faith, may they together lead and guide your many flocks in the truth that will bring us to holiness and faithfulness in covenant.

Lord, in your mercy…

 Merciful Lord, we pray for those among and around us who are shackled by heavy burdens, who suffer from anxiety and depression, and who dress continually the wounds of physical and mental abuse. We bring to you those who are disquieted by failure and loss.

We pray for comfort for the dying; that their closing here will be peaceful, their passing smooth.

Merciful Father, we name aloud or in the silence of our hearts those in our lives who are in particular need of our intercession…

“For those named aloud, those spoken in the silence of our hearts, and especially for those for whom we have forgotten to pray…”

Lord, in your mercy…..

 Emanuel, God with us, we thank you for inviting us to your table to partake of this bread and this cup; to par­take of your death and resurrection; to enter into a covenant of newness: newness of heart, newness of mind, newness of spirit. For in you, Lord Jesus, all things are made new. Prepare us now to feed and to feast. Come quickly, Lord Jesus. Amen.


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