God’s Mind in That Music

God’s Mind in That Music

Subtitled “Theological Explorations through the Music of John Coltrane,” this book by the saint benedict’s table priest and pastor, Jamie Howison, explores the connections between jazz music and theological wisdom. Detailed information, audio lectures and interviews, and other information is available by clicking here.

The book is currently available through Amazon and other online book sellers, as well as at both Hull’s Books and McNally Robinson Booksellers in Winnipeg, and at Crux Books in Toronto.

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Jamie Howison’s work on Coltrane is insightful and just what you’d hope for—a deeper, wider groove, a take on Coltrane that’s not been peddled to death. Read and be enriched.

Charlie Peacock, musician and producer


Jamie Howison has given us a most original study showing the connections between jazz music and theological truths. He brings together a rare combination of musical and religious expertise. His book is a deeply personal look at the great music of John Coltrane and other jazz artists, showing how their creativity is an expression of the many facets of our humanity, from its tragedies to its triumphs. There is nothing quite like this in the literature. Must reading for anyone who cares about the arts in relation to faith.

William Edgar, Westminster Theological Seminary

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