Hand in Hand with Haiti update

Hand in Hand with Haiti update

One of the missions we’ve been supporting over the past several yeas is Hand in Hand with Haiti. This is a work that is a real passion for saint ben’s members Pierre Plourde, Krista Waring, Daniel Plourde and Nadine Plourde. As the 2013 mission team has now been assembled and is preparing for the February trip, we thought it a good time to provide a bit of an update. 


“RUN…Hand in Hand with Haiti 2012” was a great success. It was a little cooler than last year, but no one got heat stroke! We’re already making plans for next year, so save the date – Sunday October 20, 2013.


The grade 6 graduating classes of 2010, 2011 and 2012 all did very well on their national exams. This small school currently enjoys a 100% pass rate. Unfortunately 9 of these former graduates have not been able to continue their studies; their families just simply can’t afford it. As there is aggressive gang recruitment for children this age the Elders decided that they couldn’t wait another year to add more grades to the school. So, on October 1, two small classes (grades seven and eight) were added to the school program. Enrollment is currently at 211 students in 11 classes with a paid staff of twenty-four. It costs approximately $360 per year ($30/month) for a student to attend this school and receive three hot meals per week.


Mostly due to weather (remember the tropical storms ‘A’ thru to ‘S’andy), the second school building wasn’t quite finished for the beginning of the new school year (Oct 1st). But it looks like they’ll complete the work during the Christmas break with plans for a ribbon cutting ceremony when the annual team mission takes place in February 2013. If fundraising goes well, they will be working on Building #3, this time next year.

This multi purpose building will be used for everything from weekly church services and school assemblies to providing shelter for the community during hurricanes. All of the buildings are being constructed to earthquake and hurricane resistant standards.


Our attention is now focused on preparing the 2013 EMAS Haiti Team for their trip in February 2013. This is our tenth EMAS Team going to Haiti! We have twelve people confirmed for this team and we’ve extended their time in Haiti to ten days. They are busy raising funds for this mission and looking forward to seeing the progress on the construction. Please keep these team members and their families in your prayers:

  • Pierre Plourde – doctor/team leader
  • Ben Chan – doctor
  • Adrienne Morrow – Public Health resident
  • Christopher More – 4th year Medical student
  • Rachelle Brière – nurse/deputy team leader
  • Ayla Yurkiw – nurse
  • Renée Allard – nurse
  • Anastasia Chmielowicz – nurse
  • Jane McSwiggan – Occupational Therapist
  • Daniel Plourde – 3rd year Engineering student
  • John Hrynchuk and Nadine Plourde – grade 9 students


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