The saint ben’s Cedarwood weekend

The saint ben’s Cedarwood weekend

Over the weekend of March 8 to 10, a group of almost of fifty of us made our way out to Cedarwood – a Youth for Christ camp and conference facility perched on the Winnipeg River – to spend a few days building and deepening community. We always keep the program schedule for these weekends fairly light, as we’re convinced that life is already plenty busy for most of us, and that the most valuable thing we can offer is some time away together.

We did open and close the days with group sessions that included worship and music, and this year our theme was “Delight”: delight in God, and God’s delight in us. All of our liturgies were organized around texts that picked up on this theme, and our sessions were framed as opportunities to explore and express this sense of delight.

A few of the many highlights from the weekend:


Realizing that we had once again managed to choose one of the nicest weekends of the entire winter: just cold enough to keep everything crisp and frozen, but warm enough to be outside for hours at a time.




The annual broom-ball game out on the frozen (and very slippery…) river ice, featuring the stellar goal-tending of Gilbert Berg. Though Gilbert is 70, he looks at least ten years younger, and plays goaltender as if he’s about 25!




The circle of musicians picking up on a song composed by 9 year old Tayah Plett, building in a couple of additional verses (courtesy of Jaylene Johnson), and offering it as part of our worship time on both Saturday night and Sunday morning.




Watching as all kinds of new connections were made between people, with no regard for dividing lines based on age.




*Photos by Adeline Berg.

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