Prayers of the People | April 21

Father, we come to you this mid-April Sunday longing for hotter sunshine, drier sidewalks and streets and the promise of Spring.  But we are thankful for our safe, prairie cocoon where we enjoy protection from natural disasters, sunny days and freedom other nations’ long for.  As the earth takes  its’ time to awaken, may we likewise yawn and stretch, as we anticipate more active lifestyles, color transforming our landscapes, and the playful sounds of people and pets filling our neighborhoods.  May this optimism be translated in how we respond to the needs of the world both near and far (from Haiti to Agape Table) – in our efforts to do good works and acts of charity, as did Tabitha, whose life was restored in tonight’s lesson.

In light and in life.  Lord, In Your Mercy, Hear Our Prayer.


May our resolve remain intact in light of this weeks’ senseless violence at the Boston Marathon.  May we keep running especially when our nightmares walk in daylight.  May we keep our faith in humanity, even in the midst of the perversion of a few.  And may we stand in solidarity and celebration for all that is good, just, fair and equitable. 

In vulnerability and in strength.  Lord, In Your Mercy, Hear Our Prayer.


We pray for other events and victims that have plaqued the headlines this week – the plant explosion in Texas, unsettled war zones  in Korea, Syria, and Turkey, and locally, the threat and fear of water swelling our riverbanks.  We applaud the good news stories where students are standing up against homophobia, bullying and exclusion.  Just as we heard of the gospel message moving into towns in Jerusalem in John’s gospel, we ask that same story of hope and friendship move into sites of raw anguish, into schools, into volatile regimes, and wherever people publicly gather.

In darkness and in hope.  Lord, In Your Mercy, Hear Our Prayer.


We remember those on this night, who are fighting battles of dis-ease of body, mind or spirit.  May there be resources to research the cures for cancers and heart illnesses; education for health and disease prevention, and alleviation of stigma for those struggling with mental health issues.  We remember those who have lost their battles and have died and ask your comfort to those who mourn.  At this time, please name aloud or in your heart those needing prayers…….

In sickness and in health.  Lord, In Your Mercy, Hear Our Prayer.


For all the tables we grace in this faith community, we thank you for opportunities…

To engage and be enlightened, to dialogue and discern, to create and celebrate, to meditate and mentor, to feed and be fed, and to forgive and be forgiven.  Help us to be open to the balance in our lives, in nature, in the world, in our comings and goings, our giving and taking, in life and in death, the sun and the moon, and during this Eastertide, from your death to resurrection.

In your resurrection O Christ, Let Heaven and Earth Rejoice, Alleluia, AMEN

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