Worship during a power failure

Worship during a power failure

Shortly after the conclusion of our early 4pm liturgy yesterday afternoon, the power in most of downtown Winnipeg went out, and it stayed out until about 8:15. As 7pm approached, we dug out as many candles as we could find, threw the big back doors to the church open to let in extra light, and reconfigured the musicians so that they could lead “unplugged.” We then had the readers and prayer leader attempt to project their voices without the aid of microphones, and because it was pretty much impossible to read any texts at length, both the sermon and the communion prayer ended up being offered in a somewhat improvised form. But you know, in the end it was all kind of fun. And did we ever sing out…

To get a quick audio tour of the evening’s liturgy, simply click the arrow. And do play it right to the end, so you can hear the response as the lights came back on.

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Here’s how Larry Campbell summed it all up, in a message sent out to all of the musicians: “Last night was awesome, in that not a flutter of anxiety or complaint was heard from ANYONE. And as I listened as worship went on I heard everyone working hard at fitting in to make the worship music work. Thank you all. it was a great time, a fun night, and fodder for good stories for some time me thinks.”

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  1. Bryan says:

    It was a fun time. I wouldn’t mind a power failure once a year, in the spring or fall or course. Also, with doing two candle light service this year, instead of just at Christmas, we have doubled our budget for candles for the year.

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