Celebrating Community | Bryan Neufeld

Words with Bryan Neufeld.

Tell us a bit about yourself…Your life and/or work.

I currently live in Elmwood with Kyla, my wife of three years. I have lived in Winnipeg my whole life and think it is a great city, even though it is a bit too cold in the winter for my liking. The summers however more than make up for the winters, allowing me to play Ultimate Frisbee; go kayaking; fish; and spend time walking around downtown, the Exchange District, and Corydon.

I have a desire to always be learning, and usually on a diversity of subjects. This leads me to read a lot of books, but also attend a lot of school. In the past I have completed either college or university programs in computer programming, business administration, and philosophy.  Currently I am working on my Master of Arts in Theology, which I hope to be done in a couple of years. To fund all of this I work full time as a business analyst in the financial sector.

When I am not attempting to look intellectual I can be found hanging out with friends, usually playing board games, or watching cartoons (never too old for cartoons).

How long have you been a part of the SBT community?

About three years.

How did you come to faith?

Having been baptized as an infant in the Lutheran church, attended VBS in an Alliance Church, spent time in a Roman Catholic school, and found myself in a Baptist church in high school and beyond, faith was always something I had to one degree or another. My life has therefore been less about coming to faith, but trying to figure this faith out. All these different influences has lead me to identify with Saint Anselm’s statement of “Faith seeking understanding”; I have a faith but how do I make sense of it and the differences within the communities that share the basics of it?

Is there anything you get particularly excited about?

Liturgical theology, Alasdair MacIntyre’s philosophical project, and watching old Godzilla movies.

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