Prayers of the People | November 24th

I call the community into a time of prayer and reflection:

MERCIFUL GOD…Christ, our Lord, prayed that “we may be one.” So, together, we pray for the unity of Your church across the globe; that by Your grace working in each one of us, we might surrender to one another in openness, tolerance and love and that individually and collectively, we might consciously work to bring healing to any separation which may exist within the body of Christ.

We ask specifically for those in leadership around the globe to deal justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly with You and Your Spirit.

We pray also, that You continue to guide and shepherd our leadership; our Bishop, Don Phillips, and to also that you might keep close to You this community of St. Benedict’s table and all in leadership here: Jamie, our priest, Larry, our music director, Jaylene, our ministry coordinator and Audrey, our coordinator of volunteers.

Also, may each person who gathers within this space each Sunday evening, experience in their spirits the unifying grace of Your unconditional love and utter acceptance of them in this place, and beyond these doors. IN YOUR, MERCY, Lord…Hear our prayer.


WE PRAY FOR THE NEEDS OF OUR WORLD...We pray for the tens of thousands of children, women and men who continue to suffer calamity and tragedy because of war and natural disasters.  We pray intentionally for the victims of the ongoing conflict in Syria and for the victims of Tyhoon Haiyan in the Phillipines.  May the international community respond generously and intervene in a timely manner with justice and compassion, so as to meet the physical, spiritual and diplomatic needs of these-and other nations-who endure profound suffering at this time. We pray, as well, for a unity of mind and a heart for peace, among world leaders who gather this week in the Middle East and we pray for a shrinking of the centuries old chasm which continues to separate the great nations of that region.  IN YOUR MERCY, LORD…Hear our prayer.

LOVING GOD, we pray for the very real needs of the people in our own city and for those individuals who suffer in the neighbourhoods across the city of Winnipeg from which we have come.  We pray especially for the individuals of the ministry of Agape Table and for the West Broadway area as winter settles in and their needs become more acute.   By Your infinite grace and tender mercy, guide us, as individuals and as a Christian community, to be sensitive and perceptive to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of those in our midst on a continual and sustained basis.  Lead us, Lord, down creative, respectful and loving paths in meeting the needs of those in our midst who suffer and lack, so that above all, those in need will know that they are unconditionally accepted and valued by You and by each one who extends a hand of help to them.  IN YOUR MERCY, LORD…Hear our prayer.


In faith and assurance, Lord…we pray for our loved ones; not only to those with whom we are in unity, but especially to those with whom we suffer separation. Show us a path of transformation and renewed unity toward those with whom we are in broken relationships, I pray.

We surrender to Your infinite care the lives of our family members, friends, co-workers and neighbours who suffer physically, with disease, disability, abuse or addiction, and to those who endure the challenges of mental illness, loneliness or despair.  Ease their suffering and strengthen their faith for what is to come.

Finally, Lord, I ask that you plant and grow in each one of us a seed of willingness to be present to the ones we call to mind now, and to grace us with the sensitivity and desire to bring relief and healing to those with whom we share our lives. IN YOUR MERCY, LORD…Hear our prayer.  











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