An Invitation to Explore Prayer

An Invitation to Explore Prayer

I’ve been up to my eyeballs in crab apples. Over the last seventy-two hours, my husband and I have processed over 100 pounds of the things in as many ways as we can figure out.  And just when things feel overwhelming, and our feet are stuck to the ground in sweet jelly, we look outside and see the zucchinis slowly overtaking the garden, stealthily growing into oversized behemoths. We wrangle them to the ground with a food processor and freezer bags, buying time to fully deal with them once the darn apples have been managed.

kalyn falkThis is my life. Over the last year I have been planting seeds and watering them. Practicing saying yes to opportunities and wondering what will grow. Now this fall, everything is blooming and coming up at once. I’m overwhelmed by bounty, so that’s not a bad thing.

After several months of being underground as Artist-in-Residence at saint benedict’s table, some projects are pushing through and are ready for the community to get involved.

Part of my mandate for the year is to write a book about Body Prayer, specifically focusing on a prayer that I developed using six postures. My dream for this book is to treat it a bit the same as Come to the Table, Jamie’s book on our practice of open table, inviting people from the community to share their own experiences and thoughts as an integral part of the writing. I’ll be hosting a three-session exploration of the “Six Postures of Prayer” in October, and am looking for thirty people who will commit to joining me for each session, as well as practicing the prayer three times a week on their own and writing a very simple reflection about their experience.  This may be asking a lot, but if you participate, you’ll be thanked by being named in the book, which will surely lead to a life of fame and high recognition. Plus, I’ll be eternally grateful to you.  My journey with body prayer has been quite lonely and I’m thrilled to have a chance to create a community experience.  The evenings for this opportunity are:  Thursdays, October 16th, 23rd & 30th, from 7:30-9:00 pm at All Saints’.  Please email to sign up.

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