An update on the candle project

An update on the candle project

Artist and silver-worker Diana Pops has continued to work away on the candle holder she was commissioned to do for saint ben’s. She’d originally aimed to have it ready for us in time for Easter Day, but the portion made from wood cracked and so had to be re-made. Well, in the life of the church if you miss one festival day there’s always another one coming down the pike, and so now we’re counting on being able to use this piece of art in our Pentecost celebrations on May 15.

Diana sent these images to us, because just today she was able to started affixing the silver to the wood! She says that the holder stands just shy of one foot tall, which gives some sense of scale. And if you compare the image at the top of this post – Diana’s original design rendering – to what is emerging in the other two images, you’ll get a sense of how it might all unfold.



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