A Mission Fund “small grant” put to work

A Mission Fund “small grant” put to work

Judy Stupak reports on an interesting use of one of our saint benedict’s table Mission Fund “small grants.”

judy-stupakTimes change. Quilters change. Locations change. Recipients change. But in the end, one person(s) gives to another person(s). In that sense, nothing changes. Quilting has always included giving. Just ask anyone involved in fires, floods, natural disasters, hospitals, armies, fundraisers, families, historians. Just mention a need, and quilters embrace the cause.

Yesterday, my local quilt group sewed 19 pillowcases thanks to a purchase of fabric made possible by a “small grant” from the Mission Fund at saint benedict’s table, and fabric brought by some who wanted to clean off a shelf or two. Here are a few pics of them hard at work. Aka play.

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