Our new artist-in-residence

Our new artist-in-residence

Every year, saint benedict’s table invites one person from the community to act as our congregation’s Artist-in-Residence. This position runs for a year, from the beginning of Advent, the start of the liturgical calendar. The artist-in-residence will become a saint benedict’s table lay ministry leader with the specific role of artistic creation, spiritual development, and mentorship of other artists. This year, we are pleased to announce Tiffany Munro as our Artist-in-Residence.

Tiffany has been part of saint ben’s for several years and an active member of our Artist Network for the past three. She has recently begun volunteering as a reader and serving communion. She is talented, and her proposal felt like a “bold yes” to us. We are excited about her proposal and think she is a dynamic and creative addition to our community. Here is her description of what she is planning for the year:

This year I consider myself to be a storyteller and most importantly, storylistener. My vision for this year is a book, a “comic book” centred around the liturgical calendar, that collects short (I am imagining 1-2 page) illustrated stories collected from the community, and pairs these up with readings, thoughts… whatever happens, happens, but interconnected with the symbolism that’s present throughout the season. For example, the coming season of Advent will centre around waiting, the color blue, the beginning of the winter season. We might see a story of someone waiting to find out if a loved one is okay, or a funny anecdote about a surprise package in the mail! The truly vulnerable part is that I don’t KNOW what stories I’ll get to hear and create, as I am depending on the community, be it a response to a request in the bulletin, or someone I pick out of the crowd and say, “Hey, I’m the artist in residence, I’d love to chat over coffee sometime.”

The theme on everyone’s mind this year appears to be inclusion, and my goal is to pick out a wide variety voices from amidst our congregation. With the political climate the way it is today, it’s all the more important to me to make space to lift up my community’s stories in the only way I know how–by drawing them with speech bubbles.

Right now my vision is that the first half of the year will be spent gathering stories set to each season, drawing experimental art to test the waters and see what sticks, and the second half will be assembly. And reading, of course! I have been promised books… :D

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