The holidays can be hard

The holidays can be hard
Tuesday December 20, at 7:00pm
In the small chapel at All Saints’ Church, 175 Colony Street
With music by Jane and Lionel Martens

The holiday season isn’t always the easiest time of the year for people, and so we’re again offering a liturgy to acknowledge that reality and to provide a bit of support.

Some of us struggle with ongoing challenges of emotional health and wellness, some are facing serious medical challenges, some may have lost a loved one over the past year, some are dealing with the loss of a relationship, while others just find that for some reason all of that “good cheer” and pressure to have a picture-perfect Christmas leaves them feeling a bit blue.

This liturgy is offered with all of you in view, as well as for those who wish to stand in support and solidarity with all who get those Christmas blues. A simple service of stillness, word and music, followed by a bit of refreshment and conversation (for those who wish to stay, of course…), we’d love to have you join us.

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