News | the week of June 19

News | the week of June 19

The readings for Sunday June 25 are Romans 6:1b-11 and Matthew 10:24-39.

The child-friendly 4pm liturgy – With people now making vacation plans, we are now taking our summer break. In September we will resume gathering on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month. 

June 24 community day – a pool party and barbeque hosted by Mike and Tara McTavish, 1652 Loudoun Rd, close to Fort Whyte. People are invited to arrive anytime after 2pm, with the dinner served at 5:00pm. The barbeque entrée will be provided, as will soft drinks and juice. You’re invited to bring a salad, dessert or snack of some kind, as well as a lawn chair and towel (if you’re thinking you might swim), and wine or beer if you so desire. Mike and Tara are happy to have this gathering spill over into the evening for those who don’t have to get tired children home and off to bed…   You can still sign up by contacting us.

Theology by the Glass – Tuesday June 27, 7:30pm at Café 22 (336 Broadway at Hargrave) – We’ll be discussing a recorded keynote address by the novelist Margaret Atwood, on the role of religion and of human error in the development of societies. You can access the 23 minute audio by clicking here.

Call for hosts for LivingRoom Liturgies – Jaylene Johnson has asked that we put out a bit of a call for people willing to host one of our LivingRoom Liturgies in the fall or winter. We particularly need one as we mark the Feast of All Saints’ on the weekend of November 3, and would need a place that can accommodate a bit of a crowd and is also child-friendly. Please do contact us if you think you might be able to host such an event.

A couple of simple ways to get involved – 1) We are in need of a couple of extra people to help with the website. It is a WordPress site, and is very user-friendly and easy to learn. 2) For a couple of years Carolyn Mount took care of washing the communion linens, but now that she has moved on we’ll need a person (or persons…) willing to be responsible for this simple but necessary task. If you can lend a hand with either of these things, please contact us.

Camperships for the Annual Day Camp – Consider making a donation to help a child from a newcomer family to attend our August day camp. A full campership is $109, but even a smaller donation helps. You can do this by marking “campership” on your offering envelope or cheque memo line. 

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