Prayers of the People | August 13

Prayers of the People | August 13

I call the community into a time of prayer.

We pray for our neighbourhood and city

We thank you for the many people in this community and city who serve you in ways both seen and unseen, acknowledged and unacknowledged. Give us eyes to see where your work of restoration and justice is happening and how we can participate in it.

Lord in your mercy; Hear our prayer

We call to mind the needs of those known to us;

for those who are sick or suffering, alone or isolated, or who have other needs and challenges. We name them aloud or speak them in the silence of our hearts.

We ask that You lift up those we have brought to mind, and especially those whom we have forgotten.

Lord in your mercy; Hear our prayer

We take a moment to be mindful of the needs of our world.

With think of North Korea and the USA, Charlottesville Virginia, Kenya, Syria, those dislocated due to wildfires, and the many impacted by conflicts, social and economic injustices, and climate change.

We confess that the events of this week leave us tempted to allow fear to overwhelm our lives… manifesting in ways such as self-preoccupation, distraction with busyness and or other additions, disassociation, despair and online self-righteousness.

We confess that we have too often both passively and actively neglected your kingdom and have cooperated with the powers and principalities of Empire. Free us from the ideology and idolatry of white supremacy and of North American Exceptionalism. Free us from the fear of death. Fill us with your love and embolden us to work for Justice, to Love mercy and learn to walk in your ways with our ego’s in check.

Lord in your mercy; Hear our prayer

God of all the nations, we pray for all who are threatened by the rising tensions between the countries of North Korea and the United States.  We pray that the leadership of these and all of the nations might look to you for grace and wisdom, that a concern for the safety and well-being of all citizens might replace egocentric rhetoric and intention in their communications and actions.  Open the way that leads to greater understanding and peace, through the name of Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace.

Lord in your mercy; Hear our prayer


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