Getting Involved

Getting Involved


Sundays: Everything that we are and everything that we do flows from, and returns to, our Sunday evening celebrations of communion in which we ask to be formed ever more deeply as the Body of Christ. There are two options, our weekly 7pm liturgy and our twice monthly 4pm liturgy.

Our 4pm gathering is a simplified version of our 7pm liturgy, open to everyone but designed with kids in mind. We meet on the first and third Sunday of every month, starting on Sunday September 17th.

Wednesdays: A simple communion service shared with the community of All Saints’ takes place each week at 12:10 in the chapel. Please enter through the Broadway door.

Hear the Silence: A meditative liturgy built around music, prayer, readings and stillness. Be warned ahead of time: there is no communion, no sermon, no coffee hour, no big social focus… just an opportunity to come away into the stillness, move into a space of deep openness to the Spirit of God, and then go quietly into the evening’s darkness.

Next dates: September 16, October 21, and November 18 at 7pm.

Living Room Liturgies: Several times a year we offer this simple house communion and a time for the sharing of food, drink, and good company. Our next Living Room Liturgy will take place on Friday November 3, as we mark the Feast of All Saints’.

Things to attend, ways to connect:

Emotional Wellness: The purpose of the Network is to provide support and connection opportunities for those facing mental/emotional challenges, as well as for those who have friends or family members who are facing such challenges. In short, everyone is welcome.

Next dates: September 20, October 3, November 7, December 5 at 7pm.

Artist Network: The network offers opportunities for artists and makers in our community to gather to share their work and offer support and feedback to one another. You do not have to be a full-time working artist to come. To RSVP or get a bit more information, please contact Samantha Peters at or join the Facebook group “saint ben’s Artist Network.

Next dates: October 14, November 4, December 2 at 7pm.

Theology in the Dark: Theology in the Dark is an occasional series offered in collaboration with Booth University College in which we explore the idea that sometimes theology is best done through a medium such as film. The basic approach is to view a movie together, and then to spend some time in conversation, debriefing what we all saw.

Next dates: October 12 and November 23 at 7pm.

Story Exchange: In this series we invite people from our own community to offer a piece of their own personal story. Two stories will be shared each time, shaped around a common theme. Next date: November 29 – to be confirmed.

Anglicanism 101: Three evening sessions on the Benedictine tradition, and how it can continue to shape us today.

November 8, 15, and 22, 7pm in the chapel.

Small groups: We have two book breakfast discussion groups and several home based study/discussion groups, each with their own schedules. Contact us for more information on these groups.

Cool things we do:

Mission Fund Committee: As part of our commitment to good stewardship of the financial offerings entrusted to us we designate 10% of our offering to our Mission Fund, from which mission grants are disbursed to support an array of ministries and projects taking place in the world beyond our own walls.

Arts Fund Committee: We value active participation in the arts and with the arts in a variety of ways. The Arts Fund Committee is responsible for the appointment of the Artist-in-Residence and for managing the fund which helps to finance new works from and for our community.

Artist-in-Residence: Every year at the beginning of Advent, we invite one person from the community to act as our Artist-in-Residence. This year Tiffany Munro is working on a collection of short, illustrated stories of community life. If you want to know more or have a story to share please contact her at or 204-226-2521.

Ways to get plugged in and help out:

On Sunday nights: Ring the bell, read scripture, serve communion, play an instrument, help clean up or at our seasonal book/CD table.

Open your home: Host an event like a Living Room Liturgy.

Do some laundry: You know those white cloths we use with the communion cups? Well, someone needs to wash and iron them too!

Website/Media: We are looking for people to help with the development and maintenance of our website, as well as people who are interested in writing content. Not sure you have the skills? If you’re willing, we can teach you the rest.

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