Prayers of the People | December 24

Prayers of the People | December 24

Jesus, who comes to us. Who came and is still coming. You are the Light of the World. Welcome! The world is waiting for you.

This evening we remember when you came under the rule of the Roman Empire, displaced, marginalized, soon needing to escape the country to protect your life. It seemed that there was no room for you then, but you found room. You are the in-breaking of God’s presence, word made flesh, God with us.

This year, in the midst of racial and economic inequality, of privilege, patriarchy and misogyny, of tribalism, insecurity and fear of other, we feel scared and hopeless. Our concerns fill our thoughts and attention. It sometimes feels like there is no room for you here either.

Help us make space for you. To feel your presence with us in our midst. Birth in us hope, joy and peace.

Lord in your Mercy, Hear our Prayer

We are overwhelmed by the pain and suffering of the world and of our planet. We take a moment to acknowledge the weight of concern we carry for people in other regions who suffer under violence, systemic injustice, environmental damage or under corrupt political structures, even as we prepare feasts and look forward to presents and the gathering of family and friends.

We trust that all of our concerns are not overwhelming to you. Please hold the world’s pain, care for the marginalized and nourish the hungry. You are the light of the world. Illuminate us. Awaken us. Help us to trust you and follow your call to be part of the healing of the world.

Lord in your mercy, Hear our Prayer.

Jesus, Immanuel. God with us. Welcome! Be with us now. Name those of us who are lonely and struggling through this season. Claim those of us who have been fractured from our families as your beloved. Sing with those of us who feel joy. Reach out to those of us who are having experiences in life that make us feel marginalized or less than and call us to yourself. Celebrate with those of us who are becoming the people you’ve called us to be. Thank you for coming. Thank you that you are active in our midst. That you that you never left. Help us to see you reflected in the faces of all the people we interact with.

Lord in your mercy, Hear our Prayer.

God incarnate. Who overflows all galaxies and who was also constrained into flesh and blood, sinew and synapse. Welcome! Come to us again. Renew us and transform us. Come into our lives and especially into the place we have shut down inside of us. Help us find room for you, even if we feel shame or fear. Restore us to life. Restore us to you.

Lord in your Mercy, hear our prayer.

You are the God who came to us, who comes to us now and who will come again. Thank you for this promise. Welcome!


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