An open table

An open table


Each Sunday evening as we ready ourselves to share in communion, we use an invitation that is adapted from one used in the Iona Community. It is a generously open invitation, and one that does not stipulate that a person needs to be baptized in order to come to the table. In fact, in our experience, people sometimes first engage (or maybe re-engage…) this faith at the communion table, and only then come to a point where they wish to be baptized.


This is the table, not merely of the church, but of Christ.

It is made ready for those who love him,

and for those who want to love him more.

So come, whether you have much faith or little;

have tried to follow, or are afraid you’ve failed.

Come, because it is His will that those who want to meet him

might meet him here.


Quite early in our story Jenny Moore offered up a song in worship that expresses the power of a deep eucharistic hospitality. Though Jenny moved to England in 2007, this song still does its work on us, as it gives a songwriter’s voice to our spirituality of an open table. Called “Pass the Cup Around,” it was one of four of her songs featured on our CD We Will Not Be Silent.

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Pass the cup around

I can hardly speak a word,

And I am lost;

Pass the bread around

I cannot sustain my self,

The day is growing longer;

Every time I come back to this table I think…

Every time I come back to this table

I think…

I think…

I might believe…


We might believe…

We long to feast…

(Jenny Moore)

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